When Does Tooth Pain Need a Dentist?

When your teeth are aching, many times people apply some type of anesthetic or compress and go about their day. However, there are some times when pain in your teeth should not be ignored. Instead you should look for a dentist to assess your oral health and provide treatment if it is necessary.

What Causes Tooth Pain

Pain in teeth can either be caused by dental issues or issues that are not related to your dental health. No matter what is causing your tooth pain, you should see a dentist near me torrance if you have pain that lasts for more than 48 hours.

Common dental causes of pain include the following.

·    Gum disease: periodontal disease occurs when the gums are exposed to bacteria that causes gums to become irritated, swollen, and red and worsens without treatment.

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·    Tooth decay: tooth decay develops when teeth are not cleaned properly and bacteria forms into plaque, eating away at enamel and causing cavities to develop.

·    Tooth damage: when the tooth has been damaged, severe pain can be experienced. Teeth that are cracked or broken in any way can cause further damage and need immediate treatment.

·    Uneven bite: Malocclusion causes teeth to be sore as well as the jaws, so uneven bites should be addressed to avoid pain.

Common non-dental causes of pain can include the following.

·    Muscle pain: When the jaw muscles are near areas that are in pain, such as muscles around it, they can also become sore and pain can feel much like a toothache.

·    Cluster headaches: Cluster headaches often have been associated with pain in teeth, though the reason for this occurrence is not currently known.

·    Sinus infection: A sinus infection is puts pressure on the mouth and can cause discomfort, though decongestants can alleviate this pain.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, contact a dentist right away to alleviate your pain and get back to your regular life.