Cancer Symptoms & Signs

Cancer is a disease that can be fatal and affect different areas of the body. The signs of cancer can vary; they also depend on the location of the cancer, how much tissue it has affected, and how big it is. As cancerous cells grow, they can put pressure on nerves, organs, and blood vessels in the body. If cancer is in a crucial area, no matter how small, symptoms can be experienced.

General Symptoms & Signs of Cancer

Unexplained Weight Loss

Many people who have cancer lose weight while battling the disease. If your weight loss is due to no reason you are aware of, it is unexplained and often attributed to cancers located in the stomach, pancreas, lung, or esophagus.


It is common to experience fevers when dealing with cancer, though this often occurs when the cancer has begun to spread. Fevers affect almost all individuals with cancer, though it can be an early indicator of cancers like lymphoma or leukemia.


Feeling fatigued is another common symptom of cancer, making individuals feel tired and get no relief even when constantly resting. This symptom is increasingly present as cancer grows in the body, but can also occur during early stages of certain cancers.

Skin Changes

Skin cancer can cause changes of the skin, but there are other changes that may become noticeable when an individual has cancer. Changes include:

·    Skin looking darker

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·    Yellowish eyes or skin

·    Reddening of the skin

·    Itching

·    Excessive growth of hair

The general symptoms outlined above can be a cause to visit a doctor and get a cancer screening, as this can prevent continuous unchecked growth of cancer. Mount pleasant cancer surgery can be an effective treatment, preventing cancer growth. However, if you are concerned about your health, speak with a medical professional about your concerns.